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Ajanta Kamagra 100mg is an oral medicine used for solving erectile dysfunction in men. It is found in various forms like tablets, soft tab and jellies. Several people suffering from this condition have tried this medicine and availed its benefits. Kamagra was produced as a cardiovascular form of treatment designed for enhancing the blood flow in the heart.

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How Kamagra Works?
Penile erection is nothing but the penile arteries getting filled with blood. The menis does not have any muscles or bones and relies on a complex set of actions for the arteries in the penis to get filled with blood thereby causing an erection. Various health and lifestyle problems may hinder this natural ability. Kamagra enhances the inherent ability by inhibiting PDE5 there by enabling good erections. The actual explanation is bit more complicated, but I am sure you will be happy to know there is a science to it all and its pretty involved and accurate and most importantly, it plain works!

Kamagra jelly is a treatment for erectile dysfunction which is intended for oral usage. In a generic viagra jelly the active chemical Sildenafil citrate is mixed in a gel like substance that enables it to dissolve more quickly in the blood. This form of generic viagra is easy to consume and was originally intended for old aged men. But due to its simple usage and quick effect it attracted middle aged men as well.

Rare side effects of Kamagra are shortness of breath, pain in the chest, high blood pressure and coronary failure. These symptoms are rarely experienced by men. Generally, they are caused due to improper dosage. Experiencing stiffness in the sexual organ for a long time is also a rare symptom. Men should not endure these side effects for much time. Doctor should be called immediately for check up. A delay can prove dangerous for health.

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On the other hand, some common side effects are also experienced by men after taking the drug. Head pain, diarrhea, back pain, muscle pain, runny nose, dizziness, facial flushing etc are some. These signs are experienced for some two to three hours only. As soon body becomes habitual to Kamagra, these symptoms do not reappear. No treatment has to be taken for them. However, if these less severe side effects stay for more than seven to eight hours, then it becomes important to take treatment.

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